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Options and some problems!!
« on: June 21, 2011, 04:17:32 PM »
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Hello again,
 The Recapcha works ... but to test the net must be connected ...!
 I found that was placed a link to the most visited news (Toprated.php). Unfortunately I tried to access it, but I think that does not exist. It is created automatically? I tried to find references in the files of the toprated, but nothing comes up.
 It can show us some guidance?

 The program itself is good. Does not yet have the text editor, but this good.
 Placing more images and if possible, different versions. Version. "Png" is a new option to upload their own images.
 A call text, which is placed on the first page is ideal. But I think not difficult to place. Simply create another file and add the publication database.

 That gives me a hassle, and perhaps for many publishers is recapcha everywhere. There should be only for registration of the editor and the placement of the image.
 If there is an error in the insertion of codes recapcha the news disappears, and we have to start over. How can we remove this functionality in the publication of the news?

Another situation is in the translation. Before upgrading to this version, I tried to translate the whole script, but unfortunately it is punitive. The versions template is very limited to translate the words, because the site has exposed many more words.

 But apart from that, is very functional. With a choice of subcategories can diversify news and integrates them for example by region ....!

 Another tip is to develop more modules, such as the text editor. Have you started a new layout for a site I'm developing. It's simple, but I may briefly share.
 We are waiting for more news.
 Good luck and congratulations for the initiative.

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